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David De Sola

Archive for March 2016

Requiem for a Dream

Marco Rubio’s presidential dreams crashed and burned last week after being swept by Donald Trump in his home state of Florida. (Trump won every county in the state except Miami-Dade, where Rubio lives and has a large Cuban population) There have been several post mortem stories about Rubio’s presidential campaign, often juxtaposed by his life…

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Presidential Election – The View From Abroad

There’s a great story in the Washington Post citing anonymous current and former foreign ambassadors posted in Washington D.C. offering their take of a possible Trump presidency: Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign is causing growing anxiety over how U.S. trade, military and diplomatic policies would change if he were elected president, according to ambassadors from six…

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Layne Staley's Orange Shirt

Xana La Fuente – fiancee of the late Andrew Wood – wrote a blog post about how Layne came about the long sleeve orange shirt he wears in the “Would?” video.  It’s an interesting read, further connecting the song, band, and video to the fallen grunge pioneer.

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Demri and Dave

From Dave Navarro’s Twitter account: Yeah we were all super close friends – I miss those two! — Dave Navarro (@DaveNavarro) March 12, 2016  

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Super Tuesday From Afar

I’ve been in Germany the last few days, so I’ve had to do a few late nights in my hotel room to watch the results of the primaries. Unless something drastic happens in the weeks ahead, I’d say it’s almost a certainty it will be Clinton v. Trump in the general election in November, although…

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