Mia Zapata’s Killer Has Died

Rolling Stone published my story breaking the news on Sunday. It marks an end to one of the darkest and most tragic episodes in the history of rock music. To put Mia Zapata’s life and legacy into perspective, I interviewed Gits drummer Steve Moriarty, Gits friend and Evil Stig collaborator Joan Jett, and NPR music critic Ann Powers.


  1. Windows95Fan on June 15, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    Finally, the lives of the surviving members of The Gits have been saved from going gruesomely extinct!
    But I hope Jesus Mezquia stays dead forever, because his responsibility in the death of Mia Zapata is irrefutable… and if a hater of Mia Zapata revives Jesus Mezquia in the distant future, he or she will be in big trouble!

    Thank you! And have a nice day.

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