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David De Sola

Archive for August 2015

Facelift 25

Facelift was released 25 years ago this week.  There is some discrepancy as to the exact date, though.  Media reports say it was on August 21, but the RIAA database of gold and platinum records has the release date as August 24.  (I ran into this discrepancy while doing research for my book, and ultimately…

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Does My Book Focus On Layne Staley Too Much?

Two weeks since its release, a recurring critique I’ve read online about my book is that it is too Layne-centric.  I think it’s a valid point, and thought it would be worth explaining my creative/editorial process for why I wrote it the way that I did. By the time I started working on the book…

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The End of the Road

A lot happens in four years: a presidential term, an Olympic Games or World Cup, a high school or college education, and a leap year. Almost four years after I started working on it, as of today Alice in Chains: The Untold Story is a reality, available in hard cover and e-book editions. It’s a…

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