“De Sola explains in riveting detail how AIC became one of the most important bands to emerge from the Seattle rock scene, and throws new light on the dark impulses that drove it to both greatness and tragedy. Compulsively readable.”

—John Jobling, author of U2: The Definitive Biography

About David

David de Sola is a journalist with experience working at CNN, 60 Minutes, and Reuters whose work has also been published in The Atlantic, The Huffington Post and other print and online publications.

About Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains were one of the loudest voices out of Seattle, iconic pioneers who mixed grunge and metal in ways that continue to influence today’s artists. Theirs is a story of hard work, self-destruction, rising from the ashes and carrying on a lasting legacy.

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What’s In a Name

August 13, 2020

I’ve gotten a few emails from people thinking I am the screenwriter of the Netflix movie The Platform (also known by its Spanish name El Hoyo). As much as I enjoy receiving fan mail, I can’t accept praise or credit for something I had nothing to do it. (I may have to watch it now,…