Requiem for a Dream

Marco Rubio’s presidential dreams crashed and burned last week after being swept by Donald Trump in his home state of Florida. (Trump won every county in the state except Miami-Dade, where Rubio lives and has a large Cuban population)

There have been several post mortem stories about Rubio’s presidential campaign, often juxtaposed by his life story and meteoric rise through Florida politics. These two by the Tampa Bay Times and Rolling Stone are especially worth reading. The impression one comes away with after reading those articles is that Rubio was an ambitious guy in a big hurry to climb up the political ladder, often times at the expense of his former backers, allies, and mentors, and that once he got elected to a position, he was already looking for the next one. Consequently, he has a very thin resume in terms of governance and legislative accomplishments, which is something his 2016 opponents hammered him on mercilessly.  Trump’s derogatory “Little Marco” moniker was no accident either: Cuban GOP players in Miami loyal to Jeb Bush have been derisively or mockingly referring to him as “Marquito” (Spanish for “Little Marco”) for years.  In short, the GOP’s Great Hispanic Hope wound up being nothing more than an empty suit, as Chris Christie memorably eviscerated him on national television shortly before the New Hampshire primary.

Of course, no analysis of the demise of the Rubio presidential campaign would be complete without a comedic angle. Stephen Colbert is ruthlessly funny here:

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