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David De Sola

Archive for April 2016

Layne Staley vs. the PMRC

A few months ago, I wrote about the thirtieth anniversary of the PMRC hearing, as well as Layne Staley’s public comment on a local television program in opposition to any kind of censorship.  I’m revisiting the subject today because someone found an image of Layne on that show and posted it on an Alice in…

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Prince Remembered

I was absolutely devastated to find out that Prince died in his home this morning. It seems as if lately people have been writing a lot of obituaries and tributes for musicians in the not too distant past, and it’s only April! At the rate we’re going, this is going to be the worst year…

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Thanks For The Memories

There is a widespread cliche about journalism being the first draft of history, and in my experience there is an element of truth to it for me, personally. I was a history major in college, but also lived and traveled abroad extensively growing up. The impact that had on me was showing that people and…

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